The following links are useful, informative, or decent sites which I frequent, or have stumbled across in the past and found to be useful. I hope you find them as good as I did.

If you have a Supra related website you think fits the criteria for this links page, please let me know and I'll consider adding it. - , for more ME related things... - US Site dedicated to the MKIV Supra - New Zealand MKIV Site, lots of info for the Jap Spec MKIV here! - A more general Supra info site.

Supraforums.COM - THE Forum for Supra information

Supraforums.NET - A non company affiliated forum - Another large Supra forum (Not as good as though)

AEM EMS Forums - AEM Aftermarket ECU. This is what I'll be using - Franz's website, lots of photos of every auto event in Perth, pretty much!






































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