September '08 NEWS

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21-09-08 – So it’s 2008. Nearly 3 whole years since my last news post. I have a good reason for this *cough* really. I started a new company and it has sucked away all my time. Anyway. The news. The news is that ... Yes... the system is completely working.

Not only that. It is working *awesomely*. We dyno’d the car yesterday @ 416RWHP and no turbo “lag” to speak of. It’s got a great deal of low down power and huge torque at even 3000rpm, with the top end being just beautiful, and the transition between turbos working flawlessly and very linearly (none of this 4500rpm 2nd turbo kick – car sideways crap you got with the standard system.)

I am yet to scan the dyno graph (Which I know is what everyone wants to see right now), but that will be up shortly. Here is a video of the dyno – Mez Dyno 416RWHP

By the way. Development didn’t halt completely over the last 3 years. It has just slowed considerably till just recently. Things should pick up again now, especially since this huge breakthrough. It’s just that growing the new company has taken most of my time out of necessity.

Will post news soon! Exciting times!







































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