The first video I put together for the car was shot at night time, and thus I called it "MEZNight". It was really a first attempt at video editing, and I think it went well enough to release.

Please let me know whether you like it!


MESMERIZE AT NIGHT (Low quality .wmv, 29mb)

MESMERIZE 416RWHP Dyno (.avi, 0.6mb)


I also have some more videos of MC Motorkhana runs.


MC Run 1


MC Run 2 (the fun 360 run!)


MezDrive - The first drive after the turbo upgrade (No the upgrade isn't finished, it was just the first day the car drove after 3 months of intense work!)


EarlyBoost - The first video of our Sequential system working. Uncontrolled so it's fairly spiky. The system won't be like that when finished. Still it gives a good idea of what we're trying to achieve! (.mpg ~3.5mb)






































Click here to view the MESMERIZE Webcam, and watch us while we work on the big upgrade!