November '05 NEWS

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28-11-05 - 1am - G'day. Another long overdue update! Lots of changes, lots new things, and some more complexity thrown into the mix.

After quite a few months fooling around with the aforementioned throttle body, we've decided that from a workability perspective to return to the good old 1 way valve.

We've also totally changed the intake system, in that now we are running the boost semi-compounded. The piping runs from the outlet of the big compressor, to the inlet of the small compressor, then out of that to the intercooler... However, we didn't want the small compressor to be a restriction to high end boost, so we've modified that 'standard' fully compounded boost system further to allow flow to bypass the small compressor totally, and flow direct from the large into the intercooler (Through the 1 way valve).

I'm happy to say that the fabrication of the system therefore is largely complete, with one more small addition being a 2nd one way valve which will allow the small compressor to draw initial airflow directly from the air filter rather than through the big compressor, to promote faster spool off the line with more efficiency (not having to suck that air through the big turbo and all that extra piping :)


With this complete (minus that 2nd valve), I'm very happy to announce that we are now getting a proper, working, and comparatively much smoother sequential changeover! Bearing in mind that we are only using the spring pressure on a single actuator in order to achieve the changeover right now, and no other control, we are really looking forward to implementing the control system, which at the moment looks at being fairly similar to the standard RPM switched system, with some nice 'on the fly' programming ability, and a boost check to make sure it doesn't try to changeover if you're pushing it to high RPMs with no boost.


Right now... we have an initial small turbo spool to about 0.5 bar, then it drops to 0.3-0.4 bar as the large turbo comes online, and the overall boost then raises to 0.8-0.9 bar, which on the current setup is roughly around 350-390RWHP. Once the control systems are in place, we expect to be able to push the small turbo to 0.9-1 bar off the mark, and have the big turbo spool up much faster to a higher pressure and way more horsepower, with a tune.


All in all, the system is really starting to come together, we're all very excited at the prospect that the entire project is finally starting to come to fruition, and you can definitely expect some more regular posting from me as things move along much quicker than over the last 12 months!


Ok, some new photos for you all, taken in November 05, but unfortunately the engine bay shots aren't "current" as we made more changes yesterday and haven't photographed them yet... Will update with more current photos shortly.















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